Kossuth Prize-winning opera singer patron of the Night of Museums

This year, Erika Miklósa, holder of the Order of St. Stephen of Hungary, winner of the Kossuth and Liszt Ferenc Prize, is the ambassador of the Night of Museums.

Erika will accompany you to exciting museums and unique exhibitions. You can watch the fun short films on Muzéj's Facebook and Instagram pages.

In the spring, Erika took part in several guided tours and interactive activities to promote the Night of Museums on 24 June. The world-famous singer visited the Szentendre Skanzen, where she was enchanted by the turn-of-the-century Transylvanian town, visited the very modern Mint Museum, where she was able to hold an authentic gold bar and then visited the Semmelweis Museum of Medical History, and afterwards she visited the Golden Eagle Museum of Pharmacy, learning about the beneficial effects of medicinal herbs still used today.

Now, with the Night of the MUseums more than twenty years old and increasingly popular with young people, the institutions are preparing this year with special programs. Erika Miklósa is delighted to be part of the country's largest cultural program since, as she stressed, in addition to the transmission of traditional values she also loves to to raise young people's awareness of culture.