This year’s motto and main topic

We are also in TREND on the Night of the Museums! 

Trends change, waves follow each other, but some things are eternal. This year's Night of Museums will focus on timeless and changing trends, to show how different influences have affected our culture, how they have left their mark on later eras or disappeared almost without trace.

The declared aim of the theme is to inspire museums, public collections and exhibition venues to present an unusual look at their own collections from a different perspective than they are used to and to create something new and different.

The themes also help you gain an insight into a the development of a discipline by showing what tools, directions and discoveries have been the ones t"setting the trend" trend' in a way, through modernization, in the fields presented in the exhibitions.

"We are on TREND"

Which are the eternal trends and which are the ones that emerge for a shorter or longer period of time only to disappear without trace and give way to something new and up-and-coming to a new, upcoming trend? And is there an ideal situation where a given trend or tendency also lends a certain equilibrium in the life of either an individual artist or an (artistic) period? But it is also important for the museum world to follow trends; whether it is museum pedagogy, or by (re)ordering the use of audiovisual tools to bring the centuries/ millennia-old values.

In line with the thematic priority, the participating exhibition sites will be able to present their exhibitions and related programs, they will show how trends are changing, how new and newer ones follow one another and yet there is something that is eternal. This year, the event series is over 20 years old, and over the years more and more young people have been taking part in the programs, making them increasingly "trendy" going to the museum.

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