Our programmes are in Hungarian.

What else could be the main theme of this year's Night of Museums than the new Petőfi exhibition ("To be or not to be a poet?") of the PIM, which focuses on Petőfi's works (also) instead of his biography and opens up a boldly experimental, often extreme and boundary-pushing lifework in all its diversity.

So this year, we too are roaming around the borderlands: we are venturing into the fringes of literature and the museum, into the genres of lectionary, horror and adventure fiction, and our collection will showcase museum artifacts with astonishing histories and materials - for the first and perhaps last time. 

A sneak preview of the programme:


Talks on autobiography, lectionary and genre with András Réz and Milbacher Róbert and others.


with the UPSZ team, in the spirit of free creation, the trash is transformed into a new concept; for example, floppy disks carrying forgotten information (not so much anymore) are turned into notebooks that will hold secrets for the future, and of course the Landerer printing press is set in motion again to produce literary bestiaries in the spirit of popular literature.

Wunderkammer pop-up exhibition

showcases the most curious items from the museum's collection, with entertaining and sometimes horrifying guided tours by actors from Grund Company.

Unusual guided tours

on the themes of horror, adventure, thriller and erotica.

Guided tours of the following exhibitions. Tamás Cseh 80; Despite Everything, Earth, Landscapes by Ágnes Nemes Nagy; World Play, Alaine Polcz 100; "The Scandal of Existence", in the literary worlds of Péter Hajnóczy and Péter Nádas

Theatre // music // cinema

A friendship - Sándor Petőfi and János Arany's correspondence - performed by Miklós H. Vecsei and József Wunderlik.

Improvisation experiment with the Momentán Company - the focus of the company: the unknown Petőfi

HANGOVER - Cseh-Csengey / Beck-Szűcs 1986 / 2021 - concert by Zoltán Beck and Krisztián Szűcs

Methamorphosis - Metha feat Petőfi - mixed to Petőfi music

The best-known Petőfi poems in a different way - musical stylistic exercises performed by actors

Silent cinema - marathon screenings of never-before-seen Hungarian horror films