Goal pass

This year’s main topic

Goal pass - if everyone is talking about football...

The only thing you hear about this summer is the European Football Championship. Let's hope that on 22 June, the biggest football fans will be able to ponder the odds and appreciate the best goals so far in a cultural setting during the Night of Museums.

Goal pass - because you can't go it alone

In football, it's the goalscorers who get most of the glory, but the whole team has to work together to get results. A goal is often preceded by a key pass that can determine the outcome. In general, artistic eras are not born overnight either, with significant precursors often defining the development of a style and its genre.The public collections and museums of our country present in detail the history of the development of a particular period, from the precursors to the greatest artists. The "Goal Pass" theme provides a number of opportunities to explore the history of the development of an era from different perspectives, showing the reasons and circumstances of its development, from the forerunners to the greatest creators.

You also have to get to the goal pass first...

The Night of the Museums has the declared aim of stimulating interest in public collections and exhibitions among those who do not or rarely visit museums.  The thematic exhibitions and related programmes will show how a particular style of art has changed, how new trends have emerged and how their creators have been inspired by their great predecessors. They provide an insight into the development of a discipline, showing the tools, directions and discoveries that led to the creation of a new artistic movement, masterpiece or scientific field.

You can also find the museums "national team selection" of programmes by city and exhibition venue on our website, or download the Muzéj mobile app on your phone!