National Archives of Hungary – Veszprém County Archives

The Veszprém County Archives is an archive institution with general collection and of regional, i.e. county character. It is one of the public archives in Hungary consisting of a central institution and a branch archive.

The archives working in the county residence Veszprém preserves the documents of the historical town of Veszprém, including, among the historical towns, the archives of Veszprém and of the communities of the county (with the exception of the district of Pápa). The documents of the central administrative and legal organs of the county working before 1950, also the authentic archives of the Veszprém Chapter, the archives of the Cistercian preceptories in Zirc and Bakonybél, of the Benedictine preceptory in Tihany, of the former estates such as the Zichy estate in Nagyvázsony, the Esterházy estate in Pápa, the public foundations states in Somlóvásárhely, as well as familiar and personal archives have all been placed here. The most collection funds, as well as duplicates of all confessional and state registers belonging to the inventory of the archives can be researched here.