The Massa Museum is located in Újmassa, near Miskolc, in a beautiful environment, surrounded by the Bükk mountains. It is a wonderful hiking destination itself, but the huge outdoor area next to the Fazola smelter provides additional recreational opportunities for hikers besides the museum’s attractions.

Massa Museum: Visitors can learn about the life of the founder of the Hungarian large-scale iron production, Henrik Fazola and his son, Frigyes Fazola, as well as the first period and early products of iron production in Diósgyőr-Hámor.

Fazola smelter: Next to the museum building visitors cn find the stunning Fazola smelter, one of the most significant industrial monuments in Hungary, which was used until 1871. The charcoal smelter, which is also a rarity throughout Europe, is deservingly of great interest.

The forge: The surroundings of the reconstructed water-wheeled forge is often loud of the sound of the big hammer, to the delight of our visitors.

Skansen: On the other side of the Garadna stream, the open-air museum of machine tools used in iron and mining is located. Here the ’giant’ tools of the two related professions  are also visible.