The castle of De la Motte in Noszvaj was built in the 18th century. The construction began at the end of the century, it had several owners before it took the final shape. Each builder shaped the building according to their own taste, so the final design became much more complex compared to its late Baroque, braid style.

Created with clever illusions, the castle both outside and inside looks larger and more prestigious than it actually is. The interior includes an interactive local history exhibition on the ground floor, with furniture from the 18th century and a Herend porcelain exhibition on the first floor, in addition to the beautiful wall and ceiling frescoes.

Behind the castle is a 9.5-hectare English park, where you can find many specialties of plants and trees. In the heart of this small village, it’s a real little wonder, a place where the past meets the present in the shadow of leafy trees.

Let history, and learning old stories be a joyful, fun program between ancient walls!

In addition to the programs, of course, we also welcome visitors who come at the usual ticket prices and do not want to take part in a special event.

In this case, normal ticket prices apply:

Adult castle ticket: 1500 HUF
Discounted castle ticket (Retired, Student or Teacher): 1000 HUF
Children's castle ticket: up to 6 years free of charge
Walking ticket: 500 HUF (Visit to the English garden, it cannot be used to enter the building!)

The normal ticket prices do not include the participation in special programs.