Established in 1979 by the Municipality of the City of Budapest, the Budapest Cultural Center (BCC) is the professional service institution of the community cultural institutions, civil organizations and communities of the capital, yet its services are offered to the wider public. The Budapest Cultural Center has more than 120 thousand visitors every year, and the number of people who rely on our telephone information and consultancy service or visit our web pages is equally high.
The institution employs full-time cultural managers who organise different programs in a 2000 square meter building.
In 2012 our institution received the Cultural Quality Award which is the highest recognition in our sector and can be awarded to only one institution per year. Our institution is vital in supporting the communication between public educational establishments, and in distributing the cultural values of the capital city.

Contact: Dániel Szabó
Budapesti Művelődési Központ (Budapest Cultural Center)
Phone: + 36 1 371 2779
E-mail:  [email protected]

Etele út 55/a.