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f|x|r exhibition space and media lab

Permanent exhibition
on trend

The digital image explosion of the 2000s has created a whole new situation that has changed the way we, and especially young people, consume images. Digital natives no longer understand how to spend long minutes in front of a picture on a wall, and for them the paths to access it have changed. The nanosecond attention and the sight of the quarks on the screen require us as an art institution to present ourselves in different ways.

With the help of the VEB 2023 ECoC, the old Castle Garden restaurant and its surroundings have been given a completely new form and, among other functions, we have created a small but modern exhibition space that will be able to accommodate 3D interactive projections on all walls, as well as traditional installations and even a mix of both.

Two well-equipped project rooms have been created. This is where we hold our workshops and workshops, which use innovative themes, new technologies and techniques, but which are nevertheless easily integrated into the contemporary art programme of the House of Arts Veszprém.