Hungary's museums open their doors on Midsummer Eve
Csák János

On Midsummer Eve, the gates of Hungary's museums will open, giving us another chance to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Hungarian culture, as we have done in the summers of the last two decades.

Nearly 2000 programs from more than 400 participating institutions, condensed into a single night, will again meet with huge interest! We can say that the Night of the Museums connects almost every corner of the country and draws attention to the heritage of our country, our living culture. 

It is of enormous importance that in today's fast-paced and misdirected world the word culture can receive so much attention. This is not self-evident in every country, even in Europe. Today, in the energy crisis caused by the prolonged war and the crisis of civilisation caused by migration, strengthening the cultural identity of Hungarians and protecting Hungarian culture is particularly important for the government.

It is the duty of the Hungarian state to protect and enrich cultural values, to preserve traditions, to strengthen the conditions for artistic creation and to protect the freedom of artistic creation, and to honour the outstanding achievements of Hungarian artists. 

We can ask ourselves: what is talent worth if we do not show it to the world?

Since 2010 we have built or renovated theatres and museums. We have created a new, world-class cultural centre in Budapest, in Városliget, and despite all the difficulties - be it a pandemic or a war - we have supported those who fill these buildings with content. No European country has ever spent as much as Hungary on preserving and enriching its culture.

We do this because culture builds community, inspires and energises.

The Night of Museums is an excellent opportunity not only for the hundreds of thousands of foreigners who come to Hungary to feel this energy, but also for us Hungarians to be part of the wonder of our culture. 

Ladies and Gentlemen! The gates are open, it is our turn to enter with our heads held high and our hearts open. Let us be proud of our museums, let us be proud of Hungarian culture!

János Csák
Minister of Culture and Innovation