Welcome Note

Dear Visitors!
Csák János

"I should try... it on, / "Touching objects!", but maybe... / My God, it would be nice / if this hat could fit! // I tried it on. It was up to my neck. / It was big, awfully big and everlasting. / I watched, I watched, I even smiled: / But never mind, I'll grow into it." - Thus concludes the poem János Arany's Hat, written in 1955 by Sándor Kányádi, who was inspired by the great predecessor's headgear during a visit to the Szalonta museum. These lines are still vivid and illustrate the poetic and childlike fever we feel when we visit a museum, where the past comes alive and the distances of space and time disappear. This is the experience that never lets us see the treasures of our cultural heritage as dead objects lost in the mists of time. Because they are not. They are the intellectual and spiritual values that shape our present and our character that, if we use them well, will secure our future.

For the 22nd time, the Night of the Museums will draw attention to these treasures across the country. This year, more than 400 institutions are opening their doors wide to offer thousands of activities to inspire enthusiasts, educate our children and encourage more of our fellow human beings to become regular museum-goers.

In times of crisis, perhaps we need such occasions even more, when we can linger before the panorama of knowledge, memories and achievements that Hungarian history and the wider world have to offer. All the heritage that has accumulated over thousands of years, right up to the latest technological achievements. It is a kind of initiation ceremony, a sacred communion with our ancestors and with the great figures of our recent past.

Culture is a sure support. It's both a hold on our roots, so we know where we came from - and a gateway to our future. Culture is a force that shapes identity and community, and living it is not only a beautiful duty but also a spiritual necessity. And a responsibility, because in order to pass it on to our children, we need to relearn and relive it from time to time.

Our museums and cultural institutions, whose tireless and dedicated staff take us behind the scenes to take an even closer look at the values of our heritage, offer a splendid and constantly renewing platform for this. Thank you! And thank you to our artists, who enrich the experience of families with a wide range of cultural activities throughout the night.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Let us learn, be amazed, have fun and take spiritual and intellectual nourishment with us wherever we go on Museum Night! I wish you a rich and fulfilling experience!

János Csák
Minister for Culture and Innovation