This year’s motto and main topic

Tradition is never a static thing. It is always open to reality and novelties - but neither can the new deny the past as without it, it would lose its roots.

One of the priority missions of museums and other exhibition venues is preserving, displaying and perpetuating tradition for future generations. But what are the ways by which we can transition the past into the future, what are methods and experience-based solutions?

Visiting a museum is not only a great experience, it is also hip.

One of the declared goals of the Night of the Museums is to raise awareness and interest towards public collections and exhibition venues in those who rarely, if ever, would go to a museum. That is why we aim to “remaster” the way we present our treasures to the public through innovative means fit for the audiovisual needs of the 21st century, using state-of-the-art methods specific to museums and with the inclusion of various forms of art. Our traditions may be rooted in the past, but they are strongly linked to the present and live with use every day.

We regard the past as a point of origin; on this day, the institutions display their treasures to the visitors in a way that gives new life to tradition, using a modern approach, modern means and contemporary design elements.