Turning point

The theme of the Night of Museums

The Night of Museums is the first national cultural event after the pandemic. This brings a big change to our culture and everyday lives, hence why the theme of this year’s event is turning point. Most museums will center their programs around this phrase.

There are all types of turning points including personal, artistic, literary and historical ones. The reason we picked this as the main theme for the Night of Museums this year is that we almost all reached a turning point at the same time in all areas of life.

This is a historical turning point as it is the first time in a long time that we can participate in such grandiose national cultural event. Additionally the Night of Museums – which will be the 19th one this year – always takes place on the Saturday that is the closest to the summer solstice (otherwise known as midsummer night).

Each turning point is a huge milestone in an artist’s life, as later on it will have a great influence on and will bring fundamental changes to their artwork. Museums also went through numerous changes and renewals in this recent period.

We are all experiencing a series of turning points happening to us. How and why did all these sudden and big changes occur in our lives? The actress called Für Anikó and the Olympic, worldwide championship and European championship participant speed skater Liu Shaolin Sándor will both share the turning points they’ve had in their lives in video messages.