The history of Törley sparkling wines dates back to almost 140 years. Being open to novelties, the Törley factory became one of the most modern sparkling wine factories of Hungary by the turn of the century, and at the Millenary Exhibition it owned the title of Imperial and Royal Court Suppliers. In the subsequent decades, Törley products were introduced throughout the world from Paris through America to Australia, and by 1910 the factory reached an annual production of 2 million bottles. This success was broken by World War II which was followed by a period full of hardship and the revival. Despite all the troubles, Törley has managed to keep its market leader position in Hungary to the present day. The Törley Exhibition and Visitors’ Centre presents this diverse, sometimes hard but still successful 130 years. Relics and records of the period help us look into the birth and development of sparkling wine consumption in Hungary. In addition, the exhibition includes the introduction of the Chevaliers Törley Champagne Order, the relics of the François family as of 1886, and the Hungaria Sparkling Wine Cellars founded in 1955. The Exhibition was established to provide a place for collecting all the information and interesting objects connected to sparkling wine. The collection is unique not only in its content but in its design as well. Entering the exhibition area, we find ourselves in a large sparkling wine cork from where we can walk into a bottle and then a champagne glass. This exceptional and innovative appearance makes the exhibition even more remarkable and unforgettable.

Attention: presentation in Hungarian only