Museum and Japanese Garden of Varga Márton Landscaping and Survey Vocational School of Center KMASZC

The Japanese Botanic Garden is almost 100 years old, founded by Varga Márton, located in 14th district of Budapest. Varga Márton Museum with history of the school, the first director, the japanese garden and the gardening and land survey education. English giuded tour will start at 20 o'clock in the Japanese Garden. Guided tours in Hungarian language in the Japanese Garden from 17.00 till 21.30 in every half hour and the Museum from 17 till 23 in every hour. Meanwhile you can visit an Art Exchibiton by Gera Béla Miklós in the school building. Webpage: FŐOLDAL - KMASZC - Varga Márton Kertészeti és Földmérési Technikum és Kollégium ( Address: 56-60. Mogyoródi street, Budapest, 1149. Entrance gate at 1. Kövér Lajos street, Budapest, 1149. You will get a surprise gift plant, if you buy personally the ticket in our school on 24., June. You will also get a surprise gift plant, if you buy the ticket online on the Muzeumok Éjszakája webpage on our program offer, and your name is in the official list when you pick up the arm-band ticket personally at our school on 24, June.