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On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its successful existence, the Godot Gallery has established the Godot Institute of Contemporary Art (GICA) in 2019, expanding its scope of activities and becoming a new spot on the Hungarian art scene. The privately initiated contemporary art centre, located in the heart of Óbuda, on the historic site of the Goldberger factory, provides a new exhibition space for artists, curators and the general public.

With a total area of 1,100 square metres, a 700 square metre hall space and a 4-storey building directly attached to it, the Godot Institute of Contemporary Art is a unique independent art institution in Hungary today, with project rooms to broaden the range of possibilities.

Our aim is to create opportunities for the free flow of art, giving young artists and curators the space to develop their own creative freedom and to create a complex, sustainable model of support for the arts.

As a precursor to the realisation of our goals, in 2016 we launched our Godot Young Generation exhibition and fair, the once-a-year Godot Art Fair, which has already been given a permanent venue in 2018 in the exhibition space of the Godot Institute of Contemporary Art in Fényes Adolf Street and will be held in parallel with Art Market Budapest in October.

Furthermore, we launched the Godot Mezőszemere Art Camp, where every summer 10 young artists are given the opportunity to create freely and to get to know well-known Hungarian artists who are working in the artist village of Mezőszemere and whose circle is constantly expanding. (Imre Bukta, Zsolt Ferenczy, Andrea Katalin Gulyás, Tamás Kopasz, Tamás Kótai, Gergő Mizsák, Adriena Rubliková, Lellé Szelley, József Szurcsik, Kata Töttös, András Wahorn)

Another element of our education programme is the Godot Painting Camp, which has been running for years with our cooperation and which we intend to support and expand in the future.

In 2019 we launched our first international exhibition call for curators, artists and art groups. Selecting from the Hungarian and international submissions received, we are creating temporary exhibitions for 2-3 months, open to all and open to the public, as a core part of our activities. During the exhibitions we organise guided tours and museum educational programmes for different age groups. Our calls for applications will be published in November and March.

In 2020, we opened a new gallery with a group of young artists called Godot Labor and launched our online gallery at byGodot.hu, with a steady expansion of 2,000 works of art by 150 artists available for purchase.

By 2021, the Godot Contemporary Art Institute has created a complex, sustainable arts support ecosystem that helps artists to live, learn and be recognised for their art and from their art

Chief Curator, Artistic Director:

Borbála Laczkovich (art historian, archaeologist)


Exhibitions and guided tours in our museum

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Temporary exhibition
  • exhibition
The exhibition of the year at the Godot Institute in Budapest! exhibitionoftheyear.hu The Godot Institute has another surprise exhibition in store… Tovább
2023. June 24. 16:00 – 18:15
  • exhibition
  • guided tour
The recently awarded Kossuth Prize winner, Imre Bukta, personally guides visitors through his cathartic exhibition titled "We Must Cultivate Our… Tovább