What ingredients are used to brew beer? How was beer made in the past and how is it made now? How have beer drinking habits changed throughout history? What does a manual bottle-filler look like? How was Dreher chocolate born? How did Antal Dreher Sr. become world famous, known as the 'Beer King'?  

The 45-year-old Dreher Beer Museum offers everything you need to know about beer and Dreher Breweries. The collection - that is unique in the country and internationally -,  has been a permanent exhibition of Dreher’s and the brewing industry’s history since 1979.

Kőbányai Brewery opened the Brewing Industry Memorial Museum in 1979, on the 125th anniversary of its foundation, and it was recently renovated. Works began in 2019 and resulted in a modern and interactive beer history exhibition, found at the beginning of the brewery’s road, newly named after Antal Dreher.