Focus on Pécs

Night of the Museums 2018

The Southwest Hungarian city of Pécs will be the featured location of this year’s traditional Night of the Museums, scheduled for June 23, whose motto will be “What binds us : Family and Culture”.

The city – which, deservedly became the European Capital of Culture in 2010, is variously described as the pearl of the south or as an architectural showcase, has a beautiful geographical setting and is one Hungary’s major attractions for tourists both domestic and foreign.

The flagship of the multitude of events in Pécs will naturally be the Janus Pannonius Museum and the Modern Paintings Gallery, that this year has organised the country’s biggest temporary exhibition, “Faces and Horizons”. The exhibition features iconic works of modern Hungarian painters including Miklós Barabás, Gyula Benczúr, Károly Lotz, Viktor Madarász, Mihály Munkácsy, László Paál and Bertalan Székely.

One of the special attractions of this exhibition is a hall dedicated to portraits of prominent citizens and artists of Pécs, such as a portrait of renowned ceramics maker Vilmos Zsolnay. This is also the first public exhibition of some of these portraits.

One of the other main attractions of the Janus Pannonius Museum is the Renaissance Lapidary, part of the year celebrating Matthias I., King of Hungary and Croatia for most of the second half if the 15th century, who was a warrior, patron of arts and Europe’s bulwark against the advancement of the Ottoman Empire. There will be of course food for the body, showcasing Renaissance dishes.

On this night only, visitors will also have the unique opportunity to visit the early Christian burial site, Cella Trichora, part of the UNESCO World Heritage as well as the city’s otherwise also closed downtown catacombs.

All in all, visiting Pécs on the night of June 23 promises unique experiences and a lot of fun.