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Zoltán Kis-Prumik - Times Never Were - exhibition

Temporary exhibition

The Times Never Were is the first large-scale exhibition of Zoltán Kis-Prumik in the capital. He is interested in the lyrical reinterpretation of our everyday objects, their abstract, unusual and sometimes inverted perspective. The phrase "times gone by" implies a hidden dimension where the consciously perceived meets the subconscious associations of images, the continued contemplation of the existence of objects. In the fictional encounters between objects and their environment, he tells the stories hidden in his paintings in the narrow confluence between the impossible and the imaginable.

In his paintings, the houseplant becomes an immigratable wilderness, cat and chair become cohesive, the broken mug becomes a monumental memorial while the metronomes are muted. The vulnerability and fallibility of our material environment is reflected not only in his themes but also in his use of materials. The plaster layer of our homes and buildings is also imprinted on his canvases, lending his works a materiality of their own.

The rich world of his paintings is brought to a new level through spatial installations in the exhibition Times Never Were.