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Traces on a Tram. An anti-exhibition.

2022. June 25. 18:00 – 19:00
guided tour

Different location: PIM Szomszéd (Budapest V., Ferenczy utca 26.)

Traces on a Tram. An anti-exhibition. 

If we leave a pair of glasses, a scarf, or a plush toy on a tram, they either end up at the Lost & Found or get a new owner if they take their finder’s fancy. We are connected through the objects, and we become part of an invisible network, where we have a strange sense of being at home.

In the end, we realise that the people passing by around us are not so strange anymore. With every tenth person, we have sat on the same tram seat, we have a mutual acquaintance, and the person travelling on the bus next to us might listen to the same song.

Traces on a Tram is the outcome of the joint project of the Petőfi Literary Museum and some international residents of Budapest who have been engaging with the notion of strangeness through museological workshops.

It is an anti-exhibition inviting you to explore strangeness by walking through connections and disconnections. To be at home, you have to change perspective and create a home.

Featuring DJ Panda