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Historic Library
Temporary exhibition

Revolutionaries, travellers, emigrants - Hungarians in the Americas temporary exhibition

Numerous Hungarians visited the Americas from Brazil to Canada already during the centuries preceding the First World War. They included scientists, soldiers, aristocrats, female travelers, as well as a great number of emigrants. Their journeys reflect the difficulties and challenges of different eras, the milestones of Hungarian-American contacts, while their reports also reveal unique personal stories.

At the exhibition we get to know the first Hungarian missionaries, the earliest Hungarian travel accounts, the American life of Kossuth émigrés, we may learn about Habsburg Maximilian’s “Mexican venture”, and also get a better understanding of the motivations of female travelers and the fate of more than a million Hungarian emigrants. The displayed books and objects reflect the interests of Hungarians who traveled to the region and reveal how they influenced what “armchair travelers” in Hungary knew and thought about the New World.