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2022. June 25. 20:00 – 20:30
guided tour

Curator-guided tour by art historian Edit Sasvári through the permanent exhibition.
The Kassák Museum won two major world design awards for its image in 2012 (red dot: communication design and Good Design). The permanent exhibition tells the story of Lajos Kassák through the periodicals he edited, and the temporary exhibitions present the art of the avant-garde and modernism in its historical, cultural and social context. The exhibition provides a comprehensive view of the versatile oeuvre, the editorial, art and literary activities and the public roles of the great figure of Hungarian avant-garde. With the help of the contemporary documents, publications and works of fine art one can follow the highlights of Kassák’s career and the personal aspects of his course of life. Illustrations help visitors find their way around in the diverse international connections and the rich literary and journalistic work of Kassák. The different topics can also be studied in digital form with even more illustrations and explanatory texts.