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2022. June 25. 19:30 – 21:00
reimagined traditions

Kamarás Iván is one of the best known and most popular actors of  his generation. He is an authentic artist whose excellent professional quality is coupled with national recognition. He is a Jászai Mari-award winning actor who, in addition to her prose and film roles, has also starred in a number of musical pieces on the stage of the country's leading theaters.

EGY FESS PESTI ESTE is not a traditional acting concert. The pulsating Hungarian (not just film) music of the 1920s and 1960s evokes the golden age of Hungarian filmmaking, with audiences like Fairy Tale, My Little Sad My Mood, Villa Negra, Grab a Walking Stick, Always the Minute and and so on.

Although the songs take you back into the past, the excellent musicians of Egy FESS BAND dust them off, giving a gypsy-swing and dixieland pulsation, preserving their original beauty. Secrets we haven’t read in any biographical book, the dreaded treasures of actors ’dressing rooms and artist buffets. All this with a lot of humor, so the motto of the evening: laughter, tears, sighs and more… It is obligatory for Iván Kamarás fans, it is highly recommended for others.