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IPARTERV unexplored

Permanent exhibition

The Hungarian Museum of Architecture and Historic Monuments Documentation Centre (MÉM MDK) opened its impressive exhibition space in the former Walter Rózsi Villa in 2022. The modernist villa, designed by József Fischer and used as a children's clinic of the BM Hospital for years after nationalisation, has been renovated and is now an architectural landmark in its own right, and a showcase for the museum's collection. But how can architecture be presented in a museum setting? The answer is sought with creative professionals, academics and students, and architects. The pop-up exhibition space on the ground floor of the former BM Hospital No. 6 will create a new opportunity for joint thinking, and will also provide a space for experimental exhibitions and events that rethink the genre of architectural exhibitions. The first, from 8 June 2023, will be an exhibition by students of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design's Design Curator course entitled 'IPARTERV unexplored - The Era of a Design Firm 1948-1970'.

The aim of the exhibition is to explore and present the activities of IPARTERV, one of the most important professional workshops of post-World War II modern architecture, as the buildings they created in the 1950s and 1960s are nowadays only known to a small professional circle. On the one hand, the exhibition attempts to draw attention to the importance of the IPARTERV heritage, which has been hidden in the shadows, partly by moving away from the traditional approach to architectural history, by highlighting the socio-cultural context and by looking at the present, and on the other hand by reflecting on its values, which are becoming increasingly visible today as a result of recycling efforts.