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Imre Bukta: We Must Cultivate Our Garden!

Temporary exhibition

The exhibition of the year at the Godot Institute in Budapest!

The Godot Institute has another surprise exhibition in store for us. The combination of a unique venue and the works of a fantastic artist, IMRE BUKTA, has the potential to make this the most exciting exhibition of the decade.

Godot ICA - How to get there?


The exhibition titled “We Must Cultivate Our Garden” at the Godot Institute of Contemporary Art extends art beyond painting into the spatial dimensions: the unique moving sculptures, video works, illusion-inducing projected spaces will engage all our senses.

All of these familiar objects provide a far from ordinary visual experience, courtesy of Bukta's peculiar symbolism.


For ten years, the Hungarian public has not seen an exhibition like this one –a so-called “constructed thematic” exhibition, primarily in keeping with the content of the exhibition– except for those who have had the opportunity to visit Vienna or Paris.

Wandering around the more than 1,000 square metres of exhibition space at the Godot Institute in Óbuda, we can see site-specific installations, or rather visceral revelations that affect our minds and senses, on key issues of life such as ageing, death, sacrality and humans’ relationship with nature.

The title of the exhibition –We Must Cultivate Our Garden– is a manifesto, a warning about the transience of life and the need to care, the deep meaning and myriad nuances of which the 70-year-old Bukta presents with a unique perspective, subtle humour and perhaps even more self-irony. The artist selects moments of rural life, often seemingly insignificant to others, with unparalleled subtlety, as if they were unfolding on the pages of a Marquez novel adapted to Hungarian conditions. This is how we cultivate our gardens here, while certain values disappear, traditions are transformed, but gravity and the cycle of nature bind us to the land. Perhaps this is the land that has now moved to the capital, where even the tomato soup that spills out of your plate is an unmissable experience.


Bukta Imre: Then we'll write, 130x170 cm, oil, canvas, 2021.

The most influential and internationally significant master of contemporary Hungarian art lives and works in Mezőszemere, a village in Heves County, Hungary. Imre Bukta (1952) has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the São Paulo Biennale, the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Bozar in Brussels, the Landesmuseum in Linz, the Kunsthalle in Lund, and the Millennium Museum in Beijing, among others. His largest exhibition to date opened in November 2012 at the Hall of Art (Műcsarnok) in Budapest.



Venue: Godot Institute of Contemporary Art

1036 Bp., Fényes Adolf utca 21.

Tickets at the entrance at the cash desk - card, cash, euro

Open to the public until 27 august2023


Opening hours Between 11 AM and 7 PM / Closed on Mondays