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Guided tour of the exhibition Changes are coming by Annamária Gáspár

2022. June 25. 21:00 – 21:30
guided tour

Annamária Gáspár, one of the most promising and exciting figures of her generation, will give a personal guided tour of her solo exhibition. 

Since the beginning of her artistic career, she has been shaping her unique pictorial world with a focus on the status of women, which will be complemented by installations in the exhibition Changes Are Coming. The latest works on show focus on the thought processes that define our times, as we try to fill our lives with real meaning and depth in order to reach a more satisfying degree of inner harmony. In conjunction with this, the role of qualities culturally considered feminine has been revalued, such as intuition, empathy, openness, introversion, passive contemplation, or a freer experience of our emotional world.

The female figures in Annamária Gáspár's paintings remain incognito, their personalities are not important, but the intergenerational relationship becomes an accentuated element. The dominance of pink that connects the paintings gives the impression of a dreamlike, peaceful place, yet her paintings often have an unsettling effect. The fragments and scenes in the paintings have a double message: moments of the past and present require reflection, a conscious attitude, but as the title of the exhibition suggests, the process of healing has already begun.