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Green oasis in the city - literary discussion

2022. June 25. 18:00 – 19:00

Program in Hungarian

Contemporary writers who have lived in the city for decades talk about how they have created their own green oasis, their own garden, in urban conditions, and how this shapes their perception and sense of life.

Barbara Rózsássy, poet, editor of the online literary magazine Olvasat, secretary of the Hungarian Writers' Association; her latest book of poems, Legenda, was published by Orpheusz Publishing. Living in a 'village' garden on the outskirts of the city, she strives for sustainability and harmony with the creatures she cares for or adopts, keeping in mind the message of one of her favourite readings: 'you have become responsible once and for all for what you have tamed'.

Zsuzsa Mirtse writer, poet, editor

Multi-genre author: two storybooks, three short story collections, a novel and three poetry collections. Nature plays a very important role in her work, as a measure and yardstick: the forest, the rocks, the water, the birds are her creative force. He lives in a small garden, feeds turtles, grows herbs, and has pigeons visiting his feeding dish. She is currently a scholarship officer at the Petőfi Literary Museum and editor of the review column of the literary journal Magyar Napló. Her most recent publications are Thirteen Magic Mirrors - Tales for Adults and I Rock You in My Cradle - a collection of short stories.

Ildikó Szilágyi-Nagy is a writer and the editor of the Green section of Olvasat magazine. Her most recent book is Night Calling (short stories, Forwarded Outpost Writers' Academy, 2021). Besides literature, she also works on health promotion.