Museum of Hungrian Agriculture

Vajdahunyad Castle, situated on Széchenyi Island in the City Park, is one of the most characteristic and exciting landmarks of the city with countless features to be explored, a favourite target for hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. The building complex designed by Ignác Alpár today is a well-functioning museum building, a beautiful palace and also a matchless representation of the 1000-year-old architectural history of Hungary.



18:00 to 01:00
|other, kids programme
Learn about horses while playing!
18:00 to 01:00
Museum disco with archieve pictures from the collections and lovely music!
18:00 to 01:00
|attraction, kids programme
Wild animal show and demonstration!
18:00 to 01:00
|attraction, creative workshop
Creative workshops in the Museum!
18:00 to 04:00
|attraction, other, kids programme
Who can stay longer in the saddle?
18:00 to 01:00
|family & culture, kids programme
Playful edutainment about horses with special objects from the collections!
18:00 to 04:00
|kids programme
Ready, steady, go! Get on the back of the blow up horses!
18:00 to 01:00
|kids programme, creative workshop
Retro tales! Stories from the world of the mythological horses and unicorns.