Matyó Museum

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The Matyó Museum was opened to the visitors in 1953. The first exhibition was opened in the 19th Century building of the Crown Hotel operated as the centre of the Matyó Domestic Industral Association from the middle of the last century to 2000. Therefore in 1964 the museum moved to the side wing of the Community Centre from where it moved back to its former place after four decades in 2005. The permanent exhibition of the museum focuses on the Matyó folk art realistically showing its historical periods and relationship with the social-historical changes. The main unit of the exhibition comprises the three-part farmhouse reflecting the environment of the 19-20th Century. In the clean room typical furniture beehive oven and accessories can be seen. In the kitchen and the chamber there are some articles for personal use. In 2006 the museum was awarded with the honorific title of " The Museum of the year".


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