Debrecen, the capital of the Night of Museums

Bocskai’s Sceptre, Kossuth’s Chair, Eszenyi’s performance, Dresch’s concert

Debrecen is going to be the highlighted location of the Night of Museums in 2017, where the Déri Museum, Debrecen House of Literature, the Ferencz Medgyessy Memorial Museum, the MODEM, the Museum the Reformed College of Debrecen and the Reformed Great Church can all be visited with one single wristband on 24th June. 

The sensation of Déri Museum is the presentation of the power symbol, the Reigning Baton of István Bocskai, Prince of Transylvania, that was guarded at the Brukenthal Palace (Nagyszeben), and was taken later to the Romanian National History Museum (Bukarest). The Prince received the Mace from two Turkish ambassadors probably in 1604, who at the same time handed over the acknowledging-inaugurating reigning document called „berat” to István Bocskai as well. The Reining Baton has rarely been exhibited so far, therefore, its present exhibition in Debrecen is a real sensation. Besides the Bocskai mace, the one of István Báthory, Polish King and Transylvanian Prince is also displayed in Déri Museum, thank to the Hungarian National Museum, as well as the original appointing document made by Lala Mehmed Grand Vizier for István Bocskai (1604), taht is now kept at the Hungarian National Archives.

The institutions of the Museum district of Debrecen are also preparing with periodical exhibitions besides their permanent ones for the Night of Museums. So we can see the exhibition of Protestant Messages in the Museum of Reformed College of Debrecen, the Japanese Dolls in the Déri Museum, Sensitivity and Sensuality, Big Pixels, Receptors X, Z and New Generation Polish-Hungarian Art of Painting exhibitions in MODEM.

The armchair of Lajos Kossuth can be visited on the ground floor of the Reformed Great Church of Debrecen, and also one of the still existing original copies of the Vizsoly Bible at the Ecclesiastical History exhibition. Besides having a look at the Rákóczy bell and the loft, visitors can also as walk out to the panorama pavement between the two towers, from where they can have a breathtaking view of the illuminated town. 

The organisers offer a wide variety of exciting programmes for all generations, ranging from puppet shows and museum pedagogical activities for children to programmes aimed to interest adults involving attendant arts. 

At the court of Medgyessy Memorial Museum we can attend the Rejtő Evening of Tamás Olt (Hungarian National Theatre), in MODEM the individual evening performance of Enikő Eszenyi can be enjoyed by those interested. In the Reformed College of Debrecen The Kántus of the college is giving a concert, the Debreceni Népi Együttes/ Debrecen Folkdance Group is performing accompanied by the Bakator band. We can also meet the Zagar and Mihály Dresch in the MODEM, Nyughatatlan (Restless) band in Medgyessy Memorial Museum, and the Crocodile Rock and Éva Presszó at Déri square. Presenters include Virág Erdős and Krisztina Tóth in MODEM, István Pinczés at the temporary exhibition of Japanese Dolls in the Déri Museum. 

Of course neither in Debrecen can The Night of Museums pass by without lighting Midsummer Night Bonfires and the traditional fire jumping of Saint Ivan’s Night.