Butterfly Museum of Újpest

+36 70 312 6162

An interesting and exotic collection in the heart of Ujpest, which reflects generations’ life work and passion of Gyorgy Juhasz. Our collection shows the pieces of Hungarian butterflies by regions moreover we can get an insight into the exotic word of remote countries through professional guided tours. Beside butterflies additional arthropod species are also represented at the exhibition such as scorpions, spiders, mantises, cicadas and bugs.

Do you know:

- Some butterfly wingspan is up to 26 cm?

- Which spider's thread was used for making clothes?

- What is the Megalodon’s, the largest shark that ever existed, teeth like? Come and discover this wonderful world. We are looking forward to seeing you.



Terveink között van, hogy Újpesten is legyen élő LEPKE – ÉS BOGÁRHÁZ. Ennek első lépéseit mutatjuk be egzotikus ízeltlábúakkal.


15:00 to 22:00
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17:00 to 20:00
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