Dear Museumgoer!

It was 13 years ago that this national museum programme was launched with the aim of entertaining through education and learning through entertainment. There are those who believe that if someone keeps visiting museums, then he surely must live in the past. However, it’s the complete opposite! We open ourselves to the present and the future. Museums are full of works of art that trigger our subconscious into desiring beauty, harmony, and right proportions. When colours and forms perfectly mirror a certain artistic perspective, and when we see reality with the eyes of the painter, the sculptor, and the artificer, we re-evaluate our relationship with reality. We realize how beautiful this world is! Picasso said, “Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” Yes, this is what I mean. This is how art can show us that the world is inexpressibly diverse and rich, and in this world, man holds most of the surprises, which we should get to know and experience! This is not the past but the present and the future. And the pieces of the past should inspire us to make our lives as beautiful and useful as our ancestors did.

In 2016, the theme of the Night of the Museums is “Heroes, explorers, innovators” and its “capital” is Kecskemét, home town of József Katona. During the Night of the Museums, visitors can meet their heroes in person at one of many locations, and the explorers shall be the visitors themselves! The mayor of the city said, “Where Bánk Bán – the message of patriotism - was born, you will find everything that is really good and Hungarian”. They have announced the call for applications for this year’s Night of the Museums in Kecskemét. These will motivate those public collections and galleries participating in the Night of the Museums to provide the richest offer of programmes, the most innovative initiatives and events that strengthen local identity and bonds for visitors from the noon of 25 June 2016 until early dawn. The four categories speak for themselves: grants will be awarded to museums offering the best, the most innovative and the richest programme, and there will also be a public choice award. 

Dear Museumgoer! Please cast your vote, take this unique opportunity that the Hungarian museums are offering to everyone who wishes to familiarize themselves with this spiritual reality, which – if I may refer to the words of Aurél Bernáth – takes form through the subject of the picture. For it is not the subject of the picture that is important, but this spiritual reality. This is what the Night of the Museum takes us closer to with its exciting discoveries.

Zoltán Balog
Minister of Human Capacities


Everything you need to know about the Night of Museums 2016.

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In 2016, the theme of the Night of Museums is “Heroes, explorers, innovators” and its “capital” is Kecskemét, home town of József Katona – More...